My House Design @ Neville

I recently had the opportunity to work with these great people at My House Design Build to put together a photoshoot of one of their recent home renovations in the Greater Vancouver Area.  A special request to do the shoot at dusk proved to be a new challenge, pushing the bounds of my creativity and expertise.  Working with vertical lines, creating depth and exploiting shadows and tonal changes against the setting sun was imperative to pop the image.  I used my Nikon D90 with DX Nikkor 18-55mm lense.  As the sun set I worked with various settings on the camera to achieve best results.  I started shooting at 4:30 in the afternoon to get that crisp bright sun set, right through to 5:30 dusk to dark where opening the exposure on the camera made possible for deep colour depth and extreme contrast on the house against the darkening sky.  Making sure all the exterior porch lights and interior lights of the house were on allowed for clean colour contrast and architectural depth.



Then came the editing phase.  Shout out to Adobe CC for Lightroom and Photoshop improvements! The editing capabilities and synergy between these editing programs is highly impressive.  Improving clarity, resetting perspective and boosting individual colour, as well as removing large objects with the new content-aware feature boosts these images and maximizes the overall impact for viewers.

Thanks again My House Design Build for this great opportunity!

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You can see the entire photoshoot on Instagram @wheatgum