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Welcome to Wheat Gum! 

I am so happy you have finally found us. It's truly an honour to meet you.

In 2014, I established Wheat Gum Graphics, as a boutique real estate & architectural photography and  marketing design firm.   At Wheat Gum we are committed to providing our happy customers with outstanding design service.  We are the gum that holds the stalks together!  Making your design dreams come true!  

Where did Wheat Gum come from?

On a cold snowy night on our way home from the mountain, my sister and I were teaching our aussi friend some past times of the vast Canadian cultures.  WHEAT GUM.  Farmers in Saskatchewan often will take a moment after a long hard days work in the fields to contemplate and look on with pride at their growing crops - and it's at this moment, when he will nonchalantly pick off some grain of the wheat stalks at his side and begin chewing'.  After chewin' and chewin' and chewin' ... It is a single moment in time when a kernel of grain suddenly blossoms into an unexpected burst of WHEAT GUM!

My Sister the Accountant: "So I tried it!"

Australian: "How does it taste?" 

My Sister the Accountant: "It doesn't taste like Juicyfruit!"

In that moment, we all broke out into shear laughter! And there you have it, WHEAT GUM, EST. MAY 2014.

If you are still wondering what WHEAT GUM tastes like, come visit and have a sample.  We like visitors at WHEAT GUM.  It gets our creative juices bursting! 

WHEAT GUM offers a variety of design needs to match your creative flare! We understand that everyone has a hidden creative side even if they are crunching the numbers in the office.  Behind the scenes you have a bursting portfolio of designs that you want to see on the big screen. SO...we are here to help.

We will work with you to meet your design needs.  Contact us to see how we can make your dreams a reality.

Keep scrolling down to meet our creatives!

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Celisse Sargent |Principle Photographer & Owner of Wheat Gum Graphics

I am passionate about photography! Since I was a little girl I have loved being behind the camera.  I had my very own camera from the time I was 4 years old.  It was bright orange and well used.  Growing up in a creative home with parents who are design focused, I was encouraged to pursue my creative talents.  Specializing in visual and media arts programs throughout high school, I developed my own unique style that gave me the confidence to pursue my artistic dreams.  

As with many starving artists, I found myself working in an office job for many years that began stealing my artistic soul! A very wise mentor and colleague gave me some advice I will cherish forever, to never settle for less than you are worth.  Pursuing a passion does not have to be a dream, so here I am! One year later, and successfully running my business without the distraction of being pulled in another direction that was stealing my soul! 

When I am not behind the camera you'll find me reading a design magazine, decorating my flat, and exploring my amazing backyard on the west coast of Canada!


Simon Rochfort|Videographer & Photographer

I am a Scottish born and raised photographer who is currently living and working in Vancouver Canada.

Photography for me is more than just a job but it is a passion and massive part of who I am as a person. I have always been creative and had a sense of wonder regards what is "visually appealing", I have been interested in film, graphic design and art.

Simon is our go-to guy for 3-D video tours for our real estate clients in the lower mainland of Vancouver proper.

Freelancing as a portrait and wedding photographer in Vancouver BC and willing to travel for destination weddings.  Check out Simon's personal profile to contact him directly for your portrait or wedding photo shoot.

@ www.simonrochfortphoto.com